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The Optima Promise®

Exceptionally designed spaces and experiences elevate our personal sense of well-being, while inspiring us and those around us.

All about Optima at Optima Verdana® in Wilmette, Illinois

A Developer with an Architect's Vision

For more than four decades, Optima® has been developing, designing and building some of the most striking urban and suburban luxury residential communities in the United States. Each Optima development is distinctive and customized to its physical location, with shared signature aesthetics, including strong geometric shapes, inherently beautiful building materials and open, flexible floor plans. With award-winning architects David C. Hovey, FAIA, and David Hovey Jr., AIA, at the helm, Optima® combines a deep understanding of how residents live with a desire to build the environment around their lifestyles — not to define them but to enhance them.

Signature at Optima Verdana® in Wilmette, Illinois

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Exterior at Optima Verdana® in Wilmette, Illinois